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Another sizzling episode for you only here at The hottest and kinkiest selfshooters who are dying to get out in the open and show off what they’ve learned so far. Young as they may seem, don’t get fooled by what they already know. Maybe this babe will tell you more of what she can give you — you can actually feel that when you look at her photos. It’s not hard really, especially when you’re dying to release some stress in your own messy little ways. Our busty young teen looks like she’s about to summon the Bloody Mary or call upon the Candyman, taking naked photos of herself in her bathroom. Well, ok, maybe she’s just in this to tease the latter but still, she’s way too hot to not attract even the sanest of nuns who vowed to not even look at a photo of men in cycling shorts.

I don’t think this horny busty chick minds getting poked based from how she’s been inked. There are just a few of these hotties who can endure the pain and pleasure of those merciless needles and get the statement that they wanted to express using their sexy canvas. The art on this one’s bit unfinished and she said she’ll have it done within the week and have another go maybe on her left chest. Hmmm… wonder what she’ll have on it. They usually like a little flower or a colorful insect on their perfect delicious mounds. Either way, I think she’d still be this hot (hotter even). Obsessed with Myself will show you more here and it will only take you a few strokes to get the job done — on yourself. Don’t go chanting while you jack off, you don’t want the Candyman to chop your dong off in the middle of your ritual.

Babe strips and plays with dildo

We’ve seen chicks strip and do kinky things. There are a lot of them who knows more than just get vain and selfshoot away. That’s why today, here on Obsessed with Myself, you’ll be getting just that. Don’t get me wrong, even if I’d say this is a typical girl who spends her quality time being naughty by herself, you will still get the same amount of pleasure (or sometimes, if you’re extremely lucky, twice as much) that will satisfy your thirst for anything sexual. This is just like rummaging through a box of chocolates, they are all sweet and sinful but each of them (if they were made with different flavors) has this unique character that would suit every different person’s taste. I know you understand my point and you will definitely know that my assessment’s correct if you browse through the videos of horny girlfriends here.

I found out that there are really more and more of wild and vain chicks clicking on and aren’t scared of getting caught by whoever. I just realized this now coz I made a personal survey with my own set of equally hot and wild camwhoring girl friends. They said it doesn’t give them the slightest fear of exposing themselves since they have the assets and skills that will drive men wild. And I agree with that of course. Now you got to watch this hot babe’s video as she strips and plays with herself with the help of her reliable dildo.

Mix of camwhoring naughty teens

Welcome back to and I’m excited to announce that you’ll be feasting on a new batch of lovely chicks. These are the ones who spend quality time with themselves by being vain using their cameras. If you’re an avid fan of GFs like these, then the term camwhore is not new to you anymore. Obsessed with Myself is actually filled with all kinds of girls who find it orgasmic by just teasing their reflections on the mirror while they take pictures in all angles possible. These chicks amaze me all the time even if most of their poses are quite predictable. I mean, they are different girls, right? So of course it could mean a lot of different ideas too. Besides, they don’t look alike so their pictures would come out in various ways and looks too. Just browse through this collection to choose which camwhoring girl you’d like to jack off to first. I’m pretty damn sure that you’ll be needing to recharge as soon as you cum on the first one. All of the babes we got in this episode are all fucking awesome finds that you’d actually feel the need to buy at least 2 boxes of Kleenex and spend extra long hours in front of your PC just beating your meat away. Most of the chicks today are in their sexy bikinis and they all look so damn hot in them. Check them out all here and start squeezin’ your sticky juice ’til you run dry.

GF gets playful in the nude is all about chicks who expose themselves either through piles of selfpics or steamy videos that they filmed themselves. Of course you already know this and more so if you visit us often. But sometimes we need to remind you that once you drop by this fucking awesome site, that you are, more or less, already trapped in our fucking awesome world. There’s no escaping coz I’ll bet my case of beer (ok, just make it half the case) that you will be going back here to look for more sexy and hot chicks who’ll treat your cocks like puppets on a string. This babe’s video is an example of that horny summoning charm, which could bring your limp dicks back to life.

Watch this sexy tease dance and lip sync for us while she is naked in her room. She is hot and I really like that sultry look on her. There are other chicks who can do the same things that this particular babe does but they aren’t all as successful in pulling off (or pulling out) such magic trick that will eventually make me take my cock out from its cage and start beating it ’til I dump loads of jizz on my computer screen. I was told that this girl’s trying to catch her fling’s attention and she says that she’s fueled and ready to give him one hell of a good time. I just hope that dude clicks on often so he could catch this sweet and tempting offer or I will get her before he does.

Selfpics of hot young babes

You must admit that we all are obsessed with ourselves one way or the other and at some point, at some crazy point, we had (or have) that urge to selfshoot while we’re in the confides of our own rooms. I’m not talking about just babes who obviously are so into this kind of thing, I’ve seen guys do the same, and they’re pretty much straight ones (or so they say). is all about people who see themselves as gods and goddesses who own vanity. They take pictures of themselves using their digital cameras or camera phones and at times they don’t just get content with stills so they film themselves using their video cameras or mobile phones or, of course, using their digicams too. There are so many options and they seem to try everything just to see on which medium they’d look best.

Today, we’ve got a handful of new set of steamy GFs here on Obsessed with Myself and they want your full attention. Notice where they usually do their “rituals”? It’s almost always in their bedrooms or in the baths. I think there’s some lone spirit who summons them in these places and haunt their every photo shoot. No, I’m not being a fucked up scary storyteller, I’m simply saying that maybe there’s some kind of a sexually-induced type of environment where people get too curious to suck in and just be their horny, wild, and sexy selves. These chicks are a perfect example of this behavior and you can see that in these pictures. They show their curves on the right angles, teasing us with those tits which needed a hand (or two) for a pleasurable sexytime. Click here to view all the babes who’d give you nothing but pure bliss.

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